My name is Emma, and I graduated from law school less than two weeks ago. I’m spending this summer studying for the bar, and also planning my post-bar trip: a 47-day (mostly) solo adventure around the world. This is my third I’m-making-a-big-transition solo trip, and I’m hoping to share some of my planning tips and tricks before the trip, as well as my stories (and plenty of photos!) once I’m on my way. I also joined Instagram half an hour ago, so you can find me there at #atwlawyer (https://www.instagram.com/atwlawyer/).

A little bit about me and traveling: I grew up in Illinois but have also lived for 6 months or more in Australia, England, France, Ithaca (NY), Boston, and DC. I have been to 41 states and 38 countries on 6 continents, and I am as into food (both cooking it and eating it) as I am into travel. I spent my first year after college as an au pair in a Paris suburb, dipping my toes in the water of solo travel by going all around Western Europe during school breaks and on the weekends. My first big transition trip was the two weeks between when the kids got out of school and when my visa expired and I headed to DC to get my first real job. I went to Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland) and Germany. My second transition came between quitting my job and starting law school (four weeks in Australia and New Zealand).  Now, I’m done with school and I’m about to start my career, and it’s time to get out of my comfort zone and figure out who the new-and-improved Lawyer Emma is and how she should interact with the world. I’m hoping that 6 weeks in 9+ countries will do the trick!

If you decide to join my on my journey, expect to see pictures and hear stories from Japan, Singapore, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Finland (very briefly), Budapest, Croatia, ??? (TBD; Italy? France? Spain?), London, and Iceland. Right now, the only thing I have planned are the dates I will be in those countries/cities, because I had to buy plane tickets, but over the summer I will work on where to go and what to see/do/experience in each place. I can’t wait!

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